Legally, Willy's Wonderland's Trailer Doesn't Put Nicolas Cage in a Five Nights at Freddy's Movie

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Legally, <i>Willy's Wonderland</i>'s Trailer Doesn't Put Nicolas Cage in a <i>Five Nights at Freddy's</i> Movie

Come on down for some rat pizza at the child casino tonight! Just kidding, Willy’s Wonderland isn’t about Charles Entertainment Cheese’s establishment, but a different animatronic-filled play-place where things have taken a dark turn. Naturally, when a premise is already this ridiculous, the main actor turns out to be Nicolas Cage. In the official trailer for Willy’s Wonderland, it seems that Cage’s strong, silent, violent type is working as a night janitor in order to get his car fixed. Only, at night, the animatronics come to life and have a very, very bad attitude. But we cannot stress this enough: This is not a Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. Legally speaking.

Instead, it looks to operate in that horror video game franchise’s same (extremely specific) space while granting its hero a bit more of a hands-on approach to taking out the bad ‘bots. Cage is going full Cage in this trailer, and the teens he’s stuck with know to get out of the way.

Take a look:

Did this movie just quote Watchmen? From director Kevin Lewis and writer G. O. Parsons, Willy’s Wonderland offers eight total critters for Cage to smash, stab and otherwise obliterate in full Mandy style over the course of the movie—including Willy the Weasel, Artie the Alligator and Gus the Gorilla. All just different enough from Freddy Fazbear. As long as Cage pulls off the dance that he seems to do in the trailer and has enough space to truly tap into his still virile reserves of madness, I’ll still take it.

Willy’s Wonderland gets an on-demand release on February 12.