Lila Downs Goes After "The Demagogue" in Today's "30 Days, 30 Songs" Track

Music Video 30 Days, 30 Songs
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“30 Days, 30 Songs,” the anti-Donald Trump protest song project, is featuring its first Mexican artist today and frankly, it’s surprising it took this long.

Lila Downs, a Mexican-American with Native ancestry, does not hold back her animosity in “The Demagogue,” one of the harshest deconstructions of Trump from “30 Days, 30 Songs.” Downs calls Trump a “blue-eyed devil man” and compares him to Mussolini, Hitler and Pinochet, in a song that’s not shy about its traditional Mexican influence.

In her statement with the song, Downs, presumably speaking to others of Mexican descent living in America, said, “We do make a difference in the U.S. and we shouldn’t be afraid to speak our truth. It’s the only way to demand our dignity as human beings.”

You can watch the video for “The Demagogue” above.