A Day In The Life: Daniel Pujol

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A Day In The Life: Daniel Pujol

Daniel Pujol has been pinned as one of the leaders of the art movement currently happening in Nashville, Tenn. The movement has catapulted bands like JEFF the Brotherhood, Heavy Cream and Diarrhea Planet to a national touring level and much larger record sales.

Since Pujol’s first full-length album UNITED STATES OF BEING was released in June, Pujol says he has been able to tour more and farther and is seeing more options open up to him. Looking at the plethora of quality bands coming from the music scene in Nashville as a result of his influence, it’s fair to say that Pujol’s newfound opportunities in the industry are well deserved.

Paste spent an evening with Daniel Pujol in Atlanta, Ga. where he spent time with friends and watched a majority of the first presidential debate before performing at 529 Bar.