A Day in the Life: Steve Moakler

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A Day in the Life: Steve Moakler

Singer-songwriter Steve Moakler’s Hometowns and Campgrounds tour is just what the title says—packing up a 1967 tagalong Winnebago, Moakler kicked off his tour by inviting fans and supporters to make him show offers in their hometowns. Together with wife Gracie, the Moaklers have taken their home and planted it in the backyards of fans across the country, where each evening Steve plays music and Gracie spreads the word about her jewelry company, Miriam Designs, which employs women who have survived trafficking, addiction and abuse.

The intimate playing environment allows Steve to thank his supporters personally, whether it’s around a bonfire or at the dinner table, and turn longtime fans into lifetime friends.

Photographer Mary Caroline Mann caught up with the Moaklers at their hometown show in Nashville, catching some special moments before and after the show, too. Check out her photos in the gallery.