Listen to Amber Coffman's Sunny New Song "No Coffee"

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Listen to Amber Coffman's Sunny New Song "No Coffee"

Amber Coffman, formerly of Dirty Projectors, has released the second single “No Coffee” off her forthcoming debut solo album City of No Reply, which drops later this year via Columbia Records.

Coffman previously released the single and music video “All to Myself,” which she described in a press release as “a small reminder not to spend too much time fretting and just to get out there, live your life and do what makes you happy.” It’s no secret that Coffman’s departure from Dirty Projectors (and the end of her relationship with frontman and only remaining band member Dave Longstreth) was less than amiable. In an interview with Pitchfork, Coffman said the break was painful, but necessary. “I consider it a loss to no longer be involved with Dirty Projectors, but ultimately walking away was the only healthy choice for me,” she said. “I’m really proud of the album I made and my hope is that people will listen to it on its own terms. I’ve waited a long time to share it and I’m looking forward to it.”

Judging from both “All to Myself” and “No Coffee,” it seems Coffman’s forthcoming album will be far from a dreary breakup album. To be clear, “No Coffee” is definitely about her breakup (or at least a breakup), but it’s Sheryl Crow-esque twang and jangly, sunny beat keeps the song upbeat and carefree. Listen to the breezy single below, and further down, enjoy the video for her previously released “All to Myself” single, plus Paste Cloud audio from Dirty Projectors circa 2007. Don’t forget to read up on how Longstreth is also finding inspiration in their split, though perhaps in a less positive way.