Amy Cook: Let the Light in

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Amy Cook: <em>Let the Light in</em>

She just keeps movin’ on

Amy Cook finds growth in movement.

From L.A. where she penned tunes for TV and film to the eclectic, west Texas town of Marfa (the backdrop for films like No Country for Old Men) to Austin, Cook has travelled and evolved, all leading to the finest recording she’s made to date, Let the Light In.

Produced by the musician’s musician, Alejandro Escovedo, Cook brings songwriting confidence and rock swagger that lies someplace north of Lucinda Williams (listen to the opening track “Get It Right”) and east of Sheryl Crow, two artists also known to have hung their hats in the live music capital of the world. Patty Griffin and Ben Kweller contribute their considerable talents to the album and Escovedo’s influence is especially heard on “Mescaline” with its virtuosity of blasting guitars and string quartet. On “Moonrise,” she laments “Some people wait for Jesus Christ. Well I guess I’m never satisfied. I’m just waiting for the Moonrise.” Even if she never finds a physical destination to put roots down, she’s arrived in a musical sense.