Live Photos: Beck Hits a Seductive Second Wind @Express Live, Columbus, OH

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Live Photos: Beck Hits a Seductive Second Wind @Express Live, Columbus, OH

Only two years ago, Beck released a mournful, acoustic ode to mid-career introspection in Morning Phase. The piece reflected the low-tide, decompressed elegies of other discography highlights, including the romance death knell of Sea Change and vulnerability of Mutations —albums more than a decade old. At 46 years (albeit a surrealistically young looking 46 years…Dear Lord), Beck Hanson’s trajectory could be predicted to settle down from the turntable escapism, makeshift funk and subversive pop that punctuate a restlessly eclectic career.

But if the singles from his untitled November album and current tour are any indication, the answer is a svelte no. During his layover in Columbus, the mercurial musician swam through the entirety of his song lexicon, but appeared the most at home reveling in early quirk anthems like “Where It’s At” and “Devils’ Haircut” as well as new works like single “Wow,” which has all of the whimsical abandon and philosophy of Rick and Morty’s “Get Schwifty.” Which is to say, Beck puts on one hell of a fun show in 2016 alongside Jason Falkner (guitar/vocals), Dwayne Moore (bass/vocals), Roger Manning (keys/vocals) and Joey Waronker (drums).

Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi and his band, CRX, opened the concert with a host of tunes that honored ‘70s/‘80s synth rock ala The Cars. Check out the photo gallery above courtesy Sean Edgar.