Bibio Shares Swirling New Song "Spruce Tops"

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Bibio Shares Swirling New Song "Spruce Tops"

Despite releasing his latest album, Ribbons, just four months ago, Bibio (aka Stephen James Wilkinson) returned with a new track on Friday morning, the twirling and warm “Spruce Tops.”

With pirouetting fretwork and warm production flourishes, “Spruce Tops” feels like going on a hike with only a trusty Walkman as a companion. It’s relaxed yet energetic, letting slide guitars add a panoramic quality that goes a long way while a distant flute beckons you on the journey.

“Spruce Tops” is the B-side to a new single being released today via Warp Records. On the flip, you’ll find Ribbons cut “The Art of Living,” and you can stream or purchase it here. Listen to “Spruce Tops” below.