black midi Share New Song from Cavalcade Sessions, "Cruising"

Originally a bonus track on the Japanese edition of the album

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black midi Share New Song from <i>Cavalcade</i> Sessions, "Cruising"

Since the first time people heard vocalist Geordie Greep screech out, “she moves with a purpose / such a magnificent purpose,” on their Schlagenheim smash “Bmbmbm,” Black Midi have been one of the most exciting, dynamic and talked-about band of the past few years. Their titanic sound drifts between post-punk, prog-rock and noise, commanding a unique presence within the scope of each genre. Wednesday, following May’s release of their comparatively subdued, jazz-inspired Cavalcade, the band has released new single, “Cruising,” originally a bonus track on the Japanese edition of the album.

Taken from the same sessions that birthed Cavalcade with producer John Spud Murphy, “Cruising” is an ominous, slow-moving mirage of muted percussion, throbbing bass and Greep’s haunting vocals, at times evoking elements of Swans and Nick Cave. Despite the song’s slower tempo, the band lose none of their signature dynamism, with the song sounding thoughtfully composed around a simple set of elements.

Check out the video for “Cruising” below, and revisit our 2019 interview with the band here.