Listen to Bob Dylan Cover Frank Sinatra's 'All the Way'

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Bob Dylan is a living legend who ranks among the finest songwriters of all time. One thing he isn’t noted for, however, is his ability to positively wow anyone with his vocals. It seems counterintuitive that Dylan’s gravelly voice would lend itself well to the songs of Frank Sinatra—a singer whose voice is the epitome of smooth—but Dylan is never one to stand in someone else’s shadow.

On his cover of “All the Way,” off of his upcoming second Sinatra cover album Fallen Angels, Dylan forgoes the saccharine string balladry of the original in favor of something that is in between country and jazz with its steel guitar flourishes and upright bass. The song sounds like it could fit in well on Dylan’s comeback albums such as Modern Times and it’s a welcome surprise how (relatively speaking) good Bobby’s voice sounds.

Fallen Angels is out May 20. Listen to Dylan’s take on “All the Way” below: