Exclusive: Hear Bonzie's Alluring Folk Tune "Combback"

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Exclusive: Hear Bonzie's Alluring Folk Tune "Combback"

There’s a dark sort of enchantment to Bonzie’s track “Combback” that’s hard to ignore.

The way certain notes bend on the Chicago songwriter’s latest tune only draw you in closer as you wonder “What’s that sound?” Her insistent guitar strumming keeps “Combback” moving down a potentially fraught path where the only terminus is the “break of dawn” she warbles about in the song’s waning moments. The imagery is naturalistic with its mentions of daybreak and finding wells, but the whole thing also feels alien. It’s difficult to imagine what’s being described taking place anywhere in the “real world.”

Nina Ferraro, the multi-instrumentalist behind Bonzie, explains that “Combback” is about “destiny and control.” “There are two sides to that,” Ferraro says, “and in ‘Combback’ it follows one of them observing the other.” And there absolutely is a chilling feeling of destiny, control, fate and being watched here.

Bonzie’s sophomore album, Zone on Nine, is out on May 19, and features contributions from Adrian Utley (of Portishead), plus production work by Jonathan Wilson (Father John Misty, Conor Oberst) and Ali Chant (Perfume Genius, Youth Lagoon).

Check out the new tune below, streaming exclusively on Paste, and listen to Paste Cloud audio from a 2014 live performance by Bonzie beneath that.