Listen to Boston Play Philadelphia and Kansas Play New York in the '70s

From the vault: What was it with all the geography bands in the 1970s?

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Listen to Boston Play Philadelphia and Kansas Play New York in the '70s

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There were lots of, er, interesting trends in the 1970s: bell bottoms, double denim and, in the music world, bands named after places. For some reason, musicians really wanted to evoke locations in the ‘70s, whether or not they were actually from those places. From Chicago to Europe, Alabama to America, listening to the radio was akin to a geography lesson. Of all these groups, two of the most successful were Boston and Kansas, with huge hits that still enjoy rampant radio play today. The two bands performed shows on this date—Boston at the Spectrum in Philadelphia in 1976, and Kansas at the Palladium in New York City in 1977. That’s a lot of sonic travel.

Here’s the former playing their biggest hit, “More Than a Feeling.”

And here’s the latter playing their biggest hit, “Dust in the Wind.”