Watch Brandi Carlile's "Party of One" Video, Starring Elisabeth Moss

The video was released on the heels of Carlile's six Grammy nominations

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Watch Brandi Carlile's "Party of One" Video, Starring Elisabeth Moss

Brandi Carlile, who just snagged six Grammy nominations, to the pleasant surprise of some of the Paste staff, has released the video for “Party of One,” off her most recent album By The Way, I Forgive You, out now through Elektra Records.

The video stars The Handmaid’s Tale star Elisabeth Moss, who also served as its creative director and producer, alongside an entirely female-led crew. The video finds Moss thrashing through an empty house in the throes of grief, moving through sheeted rooms in memory of a lost lover. The focus on female love was inherent in the song from the start, according to Carlile.

“Marriage equality was never a part of my story growing up,” she said in a statement. “It is still a new concept, even to me. I think that after being told for long enough that being married isn’t something you’re worthy of, you fight that deep down demon in a way you can’t recognize until things get really hard … We are witnessing an entire generation gaining access to a basic civil right, and all of the passion and responsibility that comes with it.”

Watch “Party of One” below and check out Carlile’s 2010 performance at the Paste offices further down. While you’re at it, read Carlile’s September interview with Amy Ray for Paste here.