Chance the Rapper is Looking for An Intern

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Chance the Rapper is Looking for An Intern

Grammy-winning artist Chance the Rapper is having a pretty busy year. Aside from the day-to-day duties of being a famous rapper, Chance has also been modeling a “Thank You Obama” fashion line and donating $1 million to Chicago Public Schools. On top of all that, he is about to embark on an extensive North American tour next month. We’re getting tired just thinking about Chance’s ambitious schedule, and it seems like Chance is feeling a little tired, too. Therefore, he is doing what all us working folks wish we could do: hiring an intern.

Chance made the announcement yesterday via Twitter, specifying that he wants someone who has “experience in putting together decks and writing proposals.” He does not say whether the position is paid, but makes it clear that it is an actual job, posting “I know ‘intern’ has a negative connotation but the job I’m looking to fill doesn’t really have an official title yet. But it is a ‘job.’”

If you’re interesting in applying to be Chance’s intern, he asks that you send your resume formatted as creative decks, pitches or proposals to There’s already been a flurry of response, particularly concerning the word “decks”—mostly Magic the Gathering references.

See all the tweets below, and check out Paste’s review of Chance’s most recent release, Coloring Book. Last but by no means least, if you’d rather intern for Paste than Chance, you can apply right here.