Bay Area Producer Che Shares Stream Of New EP Shuco

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Bay Area Producer Che Shares Stream Of New EP <i>Shuco</i>

What’s one surefire way to fight back against the frigid temperatures outside? Putting on some warming music. One solid choice for such an artistic bulwark is Shuco, the new EP from Bay Area producer Che.

This young musician has been absorbing influences from the various cultures he has encountered in his time on this planet. There’s the impact of his parents’ mix of Guatemalan and Native American heritages, a smattering of the sounds he heart living in Ireland and the variety of regional scenes around the U.S. Mix it all together and filter it through his unique perspective and you’ve got a collection that feels like next level psych jazz and future pop cut through with a unfaltering glow that you can thaw out your frozen toes to.

The EP drops tomorrow via the New York label Astro Nautico, but you can get an advance taste of what’s in store right here. width=”688” height=”387” src=”” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>