Police Find Gun, Drugs While Investigating Alleged Chris Brown Assault

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Chris Brown is in some serious trouble with the law after allegedly pulling a gun on a woman in his home this morning, then throwing a duffel bag out of the window of his LA home during a standoff with police. Today’s allegation, and the subsequent discovery of at least one gun, other weapons and drugs on Brown’s property, is another in a long list of similar reports against the singer, who is already infamous for his violent tendencies.

TMZ reported this morning that Brown brandished a gun at uninvited house guests while he was at his home with friends. He pulled the gun on a woman after she was asked to leave. However, a conflicting report said that Brown was asleep at the time of the incident. The site has since reported the new developments regarding the seizure of weapons and drugs on Brown’s property.

Police are still in the process of obtaining a search warrant. Meanwhile, Brown is reportedly refusing to cooperate, even going so far as to taunt police, both in person via social media. A very annoyed Brown is aware of LAPD’s presence at his house—he’s been posting Instagram videos about it, including one in which he says “Fuck the police!” See those videos below.

Brown has had a history of violence and aggression: in 2009 has was charged with felony assault on singer Rihanna, earlier this summer his tour manager quit following a “drug-fueled tirade” against her, and his manager Mike G sued him for assault in June.

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