Watch a Piano-Playing Fan Show Up Coldplay Onstage

Music Video Coldplay
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Last night at Coldplay’s show in Munich, Germany, vocalist Chris Martin invited a fan onstage to perform “Everglow” with the band. 19-year-old Ferdinand Schwartz was holding up a sign that read “Can I play Everglow for you?” Once Martin noticed him in the crowd, he invited Schwartz onstage.

Martin asked Schwartz if he was sure he wanted to play, and he nodded in absolute certainty. After Martin asked Schwartz if he knew how the song began, Schwartz perfectly demonstrated his knowledge and skills on the piano. “Oh shit, I may as well go home,” Martin said.

The duo then performed the track flawlessly and fans were enamored with the beautiful performance. Watch it for yourself above and see more of Schwartz’s playing on Instagram here.