What Do You Miss Most About Concerts? We Asked 32 Artists and Fans

What will we do without live music? Talk about it, of course

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What Do You Miss Most About Concerts? We Asked 32 Artists and Fans

The coronavirus pandemic has led to concert cancellations en masse in an effort to keep fans and artists safe. This has been an incredibly devastating financial loss for the music industry at large, especially because many independent artists make most of their income from ticket sales. However, it’s also a huge emotional loss. Live music fosters community, and so many artists and fans have been reeling without the ritual of hearing or playing music alongside like-minded folk. Thankfully, artists are still finding ways to creatively bring music to their fans through livestreams and virtual events, but the fact of the matter is that there’s no real substitute for live music happening in front of you.

I decided to check in with my Twitter followers to find out what people specifically miss the most about concerts, festivals and live music. While there’s no guaranteed re-start to the touring circuit, we can at least reminisce about our favorite shows and moments in the meantime. There was a wide variety of answers. As one user said, concerts provide “week night therapy.” Another mentioned the escape angle, that concerts help us to forget “about reality” and “live in the very moment!!!!!” One user equated concerts to “heaven.” Read all the answers below.

Most people, unsurprisingly, missed the feeling of community most:

Others cited an overwhelming personal emotion:

There were more specific memories, too:

But a lot of people just missed drinking beer in public spaces: