Watch Courtney Love Perform Hole's "Celebrity Skin" with 1,500-Musician Band

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Watch Courtney Love Perform Hole's "Celebrity Skin" with 1,500-Musician Band

Three years after their viral performance of the Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly,” the Rockin’ Thousand have recruited Courtney Love for their latest epic.

The self-appointed “biggest rock band on Earth,” Italy’s Rockin’ Thousand have grown since their inception in 2015, inflating to 1,500 members for their performance with Love. Together, they tackle 1998’s “Celebrity Skin,” a track originally done by Hole, Love’s band.

“I was on the streets since I was 14,” says Love via voiceover, as shots of the polarizing rock icon in a decked-out dressing room roll. “I just thought that was really important to have an all-girl band so I would look for girls that could play. Music was my only option and I thought: ‘Okay, if I don’t make it by the time I’m 25, I’m jumping off the roof.’ I was born to play rock ‘n’ roll.”

Turning to the performance next, Love’s stage—surrounded by the Thousand—is shown. Love leads the band, demanding their full commitment to the performance and as it begins, rows upon rows of musicians, of various ages and backgrounds, kick into gear.

“Charisma, confidence, style,” says Love, as the track fades away mid-performance. “If you’re not giving them everything you’ve got, you can’t do it.”

Returning to the show, the Rockin’ Thousand do just that. Check out the performance below.