Read About the Time David Bowie Refused to Tarnish Himself By Collaborating with Coldplay

Music Video David Bowie
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The video above was posted by AbsoluteRadio last November, and features Chris Martin being a pretty good sport as he relays the story of how David Bowie rejected a collaboration proposal. Martin had a dream—literally a dream—that he’d sing with Kylie Minogue and Bowie on the song Lhuna, but when he sent Bowie the recording through Brian Eno, the legend responded with a simple text: “Not one of your best.”

The story got new life after Bowie’s death, when NME interviewed Coldplay’s Will Champion and Jonny Buckland. After stating their admiration for Bowie, they told the story again, and Champion’s version of the singer’s response was even less kind: “It’s not a very good song, is it?”