Default Genders Unveil New Track "Everything is A Lie and Everyone is Full of Complete Shit"

Music Audio Default Genders
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James Brooks, under his most recent moniker Default Genders, once again delivers a soundtrack of nostalgic dream pop and subdued vocal delivery with his freshly released track “Everything Is a Lie and Everyone is Completely Full of Shit.” Brooks stays in a form consistent with even the earliest stirrings of his career—the VHS-fuzzed beats and hushed singing hail back to his time with Josh Clancy in Elite Gymnastics, while the unfiltered lyricism stir up comparisons to the short-lived Dead Girlfriends moniker.

While the stage names may have shifted, the man behind the music remains firm in his beautifully bleak construction, and there seems to be more where this came from. The video teases this as a single from what seems to be an upcoming 2014 release, as explained with the cue card introduction, titling the album Magical Pessimism.