Daily Dose: Die Wilde Jagd, "2000 Elephanten"

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Daily Dose: Die Wilde Jagd, "2000 Elephanten"

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Perhaps best known as the vocalist for the band Noblesse Oblige, Sebastian Lee Philipp has been stepping out on his own in recent years with a fully solo project known as Die Wilde Jagd (translation: The Wild Hunt). And what he has created in the studio are dense thickets of sound with the intent of snaring the clothes and bloodying the skin of the listener. His second release under this name Uhrwald Orange (out on April 6th via Bureau B) finds Philipp exploring the wonders of analog synths and making impressive use of rhythms and tones culled from the country’s surrounding the Mediterranean.

The first video released from this new record reveals an altogether new influence: Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky. This clip for “2000 Elephanten,” directed and edited by Philipp, looks like a mash-up of El Topo and The Holy Mountain that combines the desert imagery of the former and the surreal intent of the latter. (At least that’s my reading of it.) Even if you’re unfamiliar with Jodorowsky’s work, these images are striking enough to bear repeat viewings and close study. There’s a lot to unpack here.