Dierks Bentley: Feel That Fire

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Dierks Bentley: <em>Feel That Fire</em>

Dierks BentleyThere’s more to mainstream country than Rascall Flatts
Dierks Bentley wants to be everything to every country-music fan, and for the most part, he pulls it off. There’s the badass (“Life On The Run”), the lover (“I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes”) and, of course, the blessing counter (“Beautiful World”). Although not entirely distinguishable from his last record, Feel That Fire effortlessly runs the gamut from classic country to twang to rock and pop. Behind some typical mainstream cheese (“I just wanna lay here and feel you breathe / Listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat”—ugh) are likable melodies, a smooth tenor and even smoother Nashville instrumentation and production. As usual, Bentley co-wrote every song, and Patty Griffin joins him for a charming duet—so at the very least, he’s cool by association.