DIIV's Newest Single "Taker" Is Brimming with Hazy Regret

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DIIV's Newest Single "Taker" Is Brimming with Hazy Regret

A new DIIV single is just what the doctor ordered with “Taker,” the latest cut off the band’s forthcoming album, Deceiver. The darkly magnetic track is equal parts apology and lullaby, peppered with striking imagery over scuzzy guitars. “Lay it all out, the path of wreckage that I cut,” lead singer Zachary Cole Smith sighs, wondering, “All in want of what?”

“Taker” is another highly intimate track off Deceiver, a “tear everything down to build it back up” collection about addiction and redemption. Deceiver is co-produced by Sonny Diperri and scheduled for release Oct. 4 on Captured Tracks.

Listen to “Taker” below, and check out the album’s lead single, “Skin Game,” and the band’s imminent tour dates here. You can preorder Deceiver here.