Listen to Dire Straits Woo a Lively Crowd 35 Years Ago Today

Today in 1983, Dire Straits played some of their greatest hits at London’s Hammersmith Odeon.

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Listen to Dire Straits Woo a Lively Crowd 35 Years Ago Today

Dire Straits delivered on every front: Moving ballads? Check. Synthy ’80s pop ditties? Check. Stormy, winding riffs? Also, check. With these myriad melodies, the British rockers powered up the charts in seamless ease, offering up something for every listener. Mark Knopfler’s slick, measured guitar also underscored their rise to the top, his playing landing him amongst the virtuosos of our time.

In 1983, Dire Straits were at the zenith of their popularity. Having released three platinum albums, their latest release Love Over Gold, was an inspired new turn. Sparse piano and charged guitars churn together, creating a moody, atmospheric effect across the EP. While well received, Dire Straits would opt to perform some of their more longstanding hits at this Hammersmith Odeon concert, recorded on this day 35 years ago.

Of these, Dire Straits would perform their classic “Romeo And Juliet” off their 1980 release, Making Movies. The sweet ballad sees Knopfler singing in a Dylanesque drawl, confidently serenading the Odeon crowd who often erupt into cheers and applause across the recording. Give a listen to this shimmering live take below— it’s sure to lead to some gentle nostalgia.