Disclosure Release “Holding On” Video, First Chapter of Four-Part Short Film Caracal

Music Video
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Buzzed-about English electro duo Disclosure is getting ready to release the Caracal, and it turns out a short sci-fi film is set to come out alongside the record.

The brothers Lawrence have released a music video for “Holding On,” the first single from their much-anticipated forthcoming sophomore album. The clip, shot in Mexico City by director Ryan Hope, is the first of a four-part short film that will also be called Caracal. Disclosure teased the film in a trailer released last week, and explained their intent for the project in a series of tweets included below.

The very cool first episode itself is set in a sleek, dystopian surveillance state of some sort; faceless government drone soldiers brandish riot shields and wander the streets scanning citizens’ faces, while futuristic helicopters shine spotlights down from the skies. Our rebel protagonist, Mariela, who may or may not have telekinetic powers, gets an important tattoo of the eyes of a caracal; the lynx-like African wild cat that gives the album (and film) its title—before being pursued by a pair of soldiers and escaping on a motorcycle. The clip is long on style and short on plot detail, but with a soundtrack this good, who’s complaining?

Caracal is set for a Sept. 25 release on PMRIsland. Watch Disclosure’s “Holding On” video above.