Disney Film Music Is Now a Genre unto Itself on Spotify

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Disney Film Music Is Now a Genre unto Itself on Spotify

Spotify and Disney have teamed up to create a Spotify hub that will gather all of your favorite Disney original music in one place, offering up a chance to sing along to a comprehensive catalog of classics and newer tunes alike.

Launching today, July 17, the hub is the first of its kind, and allows Spotify users in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand to listen to everything from Disney princess movie music to Marvel and Star Wars scores.

Now listed as a “genre” on the streamer, the Disney Hub is divided into several playlists: Disney Hits, Disney Favorites, Disney Classics, Disney Sing-Alongs, Disney Princess, Best of Star Wars and Marvel Music. And while there is some overlap between the playlists, there’s something there for every Disney fan.

Spotify will also tailor playlists to different activities, including singing in the shower, road trips and bedtime, so you’ll have a Disney track for every situation in which you could possibly find yourself.

The hub also currently includes a regularly updated playlist of all the music now being released from the new live-action remake of The Lion King. There are also soundtracks listed by film and TV title, including Frozen, Moana, The Little Mermaid, Coco and High School Musical at the top of the list.

Disney Spotify Hub 1.jpg

Tracks from Disney’s live-action and animated films, Disney Channel original shows and movies, theme park attractions, and classic, decades-old listens are all ready to stream.

“Streaming playlists will feature everything from classics such as The Lion King to newer favorites like Frozen to iconic Star Wars scores and chart-topping Marvel Movie soundtracks,” a press release explains. “In addition, the hub will be a destination for music that suits every mood or moment of day.”

The hub even includes a public ranking system so fans can check out what songs are most popular at that moment. Right now, “Let It Go” from Frozen is topping the list, though we thought—and hoped and prayed—we had left that behind in 2013. Behind “Let It Go” currently is “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana and “You’re Welcome,” also from Moana. Looks like the Moana soundtrack is pretty hot on Spotify right now.

It seems like there will be quite a bit of traffic on the hub, especially since more than two billion minutes of Disney songs have been streamed on Spotify just this year, according to the streamer.

“The Disney Music Group has found a loyal listenership on Spotify, and we are thrilled to take it to the next level with the launch of the Disney Hub,” said Karen Lieberman, DMG vide president of sales and digital, in a statement. “The ability to shine a brighter light on the magic of our music with Spotify listeners is a tremendous opportunity, allowing for easy access to our best new music and timeless catalog of classics.”

The Disney Music Hub will be regularly updated with new content.

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“Together with Disney, we’ve curated a magical hub of songs, playlists and soundtracks that’s easily accessible for Disney fans of all ages,” said June Sauvaget, global head of consumer & product marketing at Spotify, in a statement.

Check out the hub for yourself right here.

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