Listen to Doves' New Single "Cathedrals Of The Mind"

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Listen to Doves' New Single "Cathedrals Of The Mind"

Following their previous singles “Prisoners” and “Carousels,” Doves have shared “Cathedrals Of The Mind,” taken from their first album in 11 years. The Universal Want LP is slated for release on Sept. 11.

“Cathedrals Of The Mind” combines indie rock components with harmonic backing choir vocals, making for an incredibly relaxing release. It comes with an kaleidoscopic music video, which takes listeners on a meditative journey.

“It’s a prayer to sonics,” singer Jimi Goodwin says. “We still love production and sonic detail. The album more than meets our expectations and, for once, we were unanimous in the track listing. We’re ready to let the whole world in and then gently close the doors. We’ll leave the listener to work out what we meant by it all.”

The Universal Want will include several limited-edition versions, between colored vinyl pressings and autographed box sets, which are available for preorder here.

Watch the music video for “Cathedrals Of The Mind” below, and read Paste’s 2014 interview with Goodwin here.