Exclusive: Watch the Video for Dude York's "Tonight"

Music Video Dude York
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Paste is thrilled to be premiering a great new video from our recent Best of What’s Next picks Dude York. On the unbelievably catchy “Tonight,” off of this year’s Sincerely, Dude York call to mind a an edgier Weezer; it’s full of bubbling pop-punk energy that only escalates as the song progresses.

“Tonight” perfectly soundtracks the Carlos Lopez-directed video, which gives fans a chance to see what it might be like to spend a day at the mall with the band, nicely condensed into a tight three minutes. Filled with arcades, food courts and escalators, this seems like one of those videos that might have been just as much fun to make as it is to watch, as the members of Dude York cheekily goof off in photo booths and department stores.