Eades Announce New EP, Share "Present in the Moment'

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Eades Announce New EP, Share "Present in the Moment'

Leeds rockers Eades have announced that their second EP, Abstract Education, will arrive April 30 via Heist or Hit. The announcement arrives with a new single, “Present in the Moment.”

Abstract Education will be the band’s first EP since signing with Heist or Hit earlier this year. It’s a new era for Eades as the young band work to develop a style of recording that properly reflects their sound, abandoning click tracks and opting to record to tape in order to capture a more authentic “live” feel on their latest project. Lead single “Present in the Moment” is dominated by a turbulent overlapping of fuzzy guitar takes, grounded by a cowbell beat that weaves in and out of prominence.

Lead vocalist Harry Jordan elaborated on the song’s meaning in a statement:

I was away on holiday with my girlfriend in Australia for 3 weeks, and by the last week I was itching to get back and write some music. When I haven’t done any music in a while I go a bit stir crazy and start getting really agitated and go off into my own little world inside my head. I wrote the lyrics just after we’d had an argument because apparently I wasn’t “present in the moment” ... I hate to admit it but she was probably right. I swear I’m not normally that angsty.

Listen to “Present in the Moment” below.