Today in Rock: Echo & the Bunnymen Hit Peak New-Wave With "The Killing Moon" in 1984

Thirty-four years ago on this date, Ian McCulloch and Co. were on tour in support of their greatest album, Ocean Rain. Listen to the exclusive recording.

Music Features Echo & The Bunnymen
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Today in Rock: Echo & the Bunnymen Hit Peak New-Wave With "The Killing Moon" in 1984

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On March 30, 1984, Echo & the Bunnymen were right in the pocket of the most fruitful period of their career. With three beloved LPs under their belt, they were about a month away from releasing Ocean Rain, the album that would ultimately stand
as their masterpiece. Songs like “Silver,” “Seven Seas” and “My Kingdom” highlighted the group’s knack for blending ringing guitars, dramatic strings and Ian McCulloch’s clear baritone into a potion of new-wave romanticism to rival anything coming out of England (or Ireland) at the time.

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This show, recorded at the Channel in Boston and originally captured for the King Biscuit Flower Hour, featured the best material from the band’s early records, including “Going Up,” “Heads Will Roll,” “Never Stop,” “Thorn of Crowns” “The Cutter” and “Do It Clean.” Among the highlights was a version of “Crocodiles,” their first U.K. hit, which morphed into the Doors’ “Light My Fire.”

...and of course, “The Killing Moon,” which had been released as the first single from Ocean Rain in January 1984 and went on to become the band’s undisputed high water mark. Listen to Echo & the Bunnymen earn their ears with this exclusive recording.