Eight of the Best Niche Music Subreddits

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Eight of the Best Niche Music Subreddits

Ah Reddit, the land of crazy cat pictures, supposed murder confessions and Nicolas Cage memes. Dubbed “The Front Page of the Internet,” Reddit hosts some of the best and worst of what the world wide web has to offer, music included. If you’re like me, browsing the generic r/Music subreddit rarely facilitates any serious musical discovery. The thread is riddled with reposts and only artists with considerable notoriety seem to gain enough upvotes to reach the top of the page, shoving new and upcoming acts down. Thankfully, amidst myriad subreddits discussing the finer points of screaming fish and helicopters with upper-body extremities, some quality music subreddits exist for the music nerd in all of us. Check out our list of eight of the best niche music subreddits below.

1. r/JazzNoir

The posts on r/JazzNoir are not limited to a specific genre, but rather a certain atmosphere. The tracks featured here would sound right at home soundtracking 1940’s crime drama starring Bogart or Mitchum. Jazz, classical and trip-hop cuts all abound here in this sultry and at times ominous corner bar of the Reddit music sphere.

2. r/Minimalism_Music

Sometimes less really is more, and that’s exactly the mantra behind this subreddit. Placing a heavy focus on minimalist composers of the 1960’s like Phillip Glass and Terry Riley, r/Minimalism_Music is a solid introduction to the simplicity and beauty of this often overlooked style of composing.

3. r/noisefuck

There hasn’t been much activity in this subreddit as of late, but combing through the archives of r/noisefuck yields some pretty great results. Described as “a huge fuck you to all other music subreddits,” r/noisefuck plays host to noise, post-punk and garage of the ‘80s and ‘90s. The submitted tunes are often pretty aggressive, constituting a major “fuck you” indeed.

4. r/LadiesofMetal

Showcasing some of the most dominant female vocalists out there, r/LadiesofMetal is a true gem. Aggregating cuts from some of the best female-fronted metal bands is this subreddit’s forte. Among the many acts featured are Bronze Honey and Ancestral Sign.

5. r/rainymood

We all have those days where nothing seems to be going right and we just want to curl up in bed with a cup of tea. Well, r/rainymood is the perfect sub to mirror those downtrodden feelings in musical form. Mellow but gloomy cuts adorn this subreddit—and they sound even better with the soft pitter patter of rain on the roof.

6. r/VintageObscura

This subreddit is a used-record-bin diver’s dream. There are three requirements for posting a song in r/VintageObscura: 1. Is it obscure? 2. Is it old? 3. Is it amazing? These three simple guidelines lead to some of the most exhaustive musical discovery currently accessible on the internet.

7. r/flocked

r/flocked bears a bit of a resemblance to r/noisefuck, but focuses more on newer releases in the garage revival and post-punk vein. Tracks from bands like Parquet Courts and Black Lips have been recently plastered across the front page. But don’t worry ‘90s indie rock hold-outs, cuts from Modest Mouse and Nirvana find their way into the mix.

8. r/ElitistClassical

Though its title may seem a bit pretentious, r/ElitistClassical encourages some honest discovery of lesser-known classical composers. The sub acknowledges its satirical namesake, and works to offer users a glimpse into some of the more obscure classical works. A great introduction to classical music, r/ElitistClassical imparts some serious musical knowledge to make you sound more intelligent at parties. Just be careful not to toe that line between “cultured” and “snobbish.”