Eisley Release "Defeatist," Their First New Track in Three Years

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Yesterday Billboard premiered “Defeatist,” a new track from Eisley that is the band’s first music release in more than three years.

Eisley—a sort of Texan Von Trapp family band, if the Von Trapps had written indie pop and presciently named their group after a Star Wars reference—is entering a new phase of their career. After some major lineup shifts in 2015, they’re back and embarking on a new national tour, not to mention putting out a new album.

In a press release, Eisley vocalist/guitarist Sherri DuPree-Bemis spoke about the band’s sound on its forthcoming album: “Musically, you could say it’s classic Eisley, in the sense that it’s melodic, moody pop and is written from the heart. Lyrically, it’s very whimsical; it has a vibe that will take you into its own world and let you escape your normal life for a few minutes.”

“Defeatist” definitely has the “moody pop” vibe. It starts with an edgy, commanding groove underneath the admission that “I may have faltered / In my life.” It quickly moves into the sweeping chorus, an outpouring of cymbal-heavy drums and hypnotic vocals declaring that “you know I will fight.”

Eisley’s new album will be released through Equal Vision Records and will likely be out in early 2017. For tickets and information about their current tour, check out the band’s website here. Listen to “Defeatist” below.