Elohim Has a Love-Hate Relationship with Benzos in "Xanax" Video

Music Video Elohim
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“Do you have anxiety?” appropriately opens up Elohim’s new video for their song “Xanax.” If you do, you may have found the soundtrack to your next panic attack. If you don’t, this video definitely captures the sensations of uneasiness and imminent doom.

Elohim is an LA-based electro-pop band that dabbles in heavy synth, catchy verses and ethereal melodies. In “Xanax,” Elohim creates a track that not only describes the struggle with anxiety lyrically but emulates the experience of nervousness and panic in the track’s glitchy sound and video.

The clip is directed by Chase O’Black who effectively sends viewers on a visual and emotional roller coaster. Check out the video below.