Daily Dose: Eva B. Ross, "Subliminal"

Music Features Eva B. Ross
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Daily Dose: Eva B. Ross, "Subliminal"

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The games of starting a relationship can be exhausting—did you respond to that text too fast? Did you look cool, but not like you tried too hard? At the end of the day, though, games are meant to be fun, especially when they’re shared with someone you just might be falling in love with.

Eva B. Ross is reveling in the fun of those mental games on her new track, “Subliminal.” The breezy pop tune finds the Los Angeles-based singer moving and grooving, dancing around the thoughts of her new romantic partner by overthinking the smallest choices; “We keep it so subliminal / Want you to know, but not at all,” she croons during the airy chorus.

The production on the track is suitably playful, polished to an almost disarming shine. Vocal harmonies pave way for a gonzo slide guitar, grounded by delicately plucked strings and tactile percussion. A sensual mid-song slowdown emphasizes Ross’ classically trained jazz vocals, which effortlessly glide over everything else.

The song is paired with a Daniel Rashid-directed video that has Ross watering her plants and daydreaming of her new beau while listening to a mixtape they made for her. Like the track, the video is clean and light, making for an easy watch.

“Subliminal” is the lead single off Ross’ debut EP. We don’t know exactly when it’s coming out, though Ross promises it’ll arrive sometime this summer. Watch the video for “Subliminal” below.