Explosions In The Sky Announces New Album, Releases A Lead Music Sort-Of-Video

Music Video Explosions in the Sky
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Post-rock titans Explosions In The Sky are returning to the music with a new album, titled The Wilderness, slated for an April 1 release.

They’ve also released the album’s lead single, “Disintegration Anxiety,” and it’s an aptly titled creeping, schizoid, ominous banger. The music video accompanying the song isn’t so much a video as a slow distortion of an ordinary apartment block into a puddle of splattered color followed by its reconstitution. The effect reminds me of those CIA LSD studies from the 1950s, wherein an artist drew portraits of a researcher as he phased into and out of his trip. In any case, it’s beautiful.

The Wilderness will be Explosions’ first studio album since 2011’s Take Care, Take Care, Take Care and their seventh overall. They haven’t been inactive in the interim, though; they’ve expanded on their score work from Friday Night Lights with work on three original motion picture soundtracks, including notable 2014 war thriller Lone Survivor.