Father John Misty Meets Drake in This Mashup of 'Holy Shit' and 'Legend'

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Mashups are hit-or-miss propositions, but when they hit, they can be transcendent—this unlikely blend by Yuri Beats is just such a gem. The New York producer’s take on Drake’s “Legend,” buoyed by a vocal sample from Father John Misty’s “Holy Shit,” is a melodic masterpiece that even Father John Misty himself took to Twitter to appreciate.

“I’ve always felt a strong connection between grandiosity and depression,” Yuri Beats told The FADER. “I think those two feeling states have a very close relationship. I’m always drawn to songs that have the guts to take on the big questions that surround those issues.” The producer felt that the two otherwise disparate tracks fit that description, which is why he decided to make them “be friends.” “They both offer hope,” he said. “I wanted to help these incredible songs meet somewhere in the middle and shake hands.”

Listen to “Legend (Holy Shit)” via Yuri Beats’ website here, and download it here while you can. Father John Misty is currently on tour, while Drake’s Views is due out tomorrow.