Father John Misty, Still the World's Best Asshole, Takes Questions & Comments at Year-End Concert

Music Audio Father John Misty
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When Father John Misty interacts with a live audience, the result is invariably antagonistic, deadpan, and hilarious. The odd banter was easily one of my favorite moments the first time I saw him live), and now, courtesy of the artist’s Soundcloud page, we can listen to 16 wonderful minutes of Q&A. It’s unclear (at least to me) what show this comes from, and since the audio is edited, it may actually come from several different performances. But it represents an act of pure improvisation from Josh Tillman, and it’s nothing short of cynical genius.

The fun begins with FJM making fun of the “spontaneous” tradition of the encore, telling the crowd that he had one foot on the bus and was already berating his personal assistant when the shouts drew him back. He goes on to detail his first encounter with his father-in-law, claiming to have sprouted an erection the moment they hugged (“he shares a lot of DNA with my wife, so it’s not that strange”). It goes on from there, hitting on subjects like advice for upcoming artists, his man-bun, and neo-Nazis. Listen to the full clip here, and please do not miss this man if he comes anywhere near your town.