Father John Misty to Release New Song for Action Movie Hotel Artemis, Which He Also Appears In

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Father John Misty to Release New Song for Action Movie <i>Hotel Artemis</i>, Which He Also Appears In

Father John Misty is no stranger to the screen. From a season one Master of None cameo to various soundtrack credits, including This Is Us and Riverdale, Josh Tillman’s music makes for a good storytelling tool. After releasing his latest album God’s Favorite Customer (which certainly does its share of storytelling, too) just last week, Father John Misty will share a new song for the Hotel Artemis soundtrack, which drops this Friday, June 8, in time with the movie’s release.

The new song is called “Gilded Cage” and appears on the action movie’s soundtrack, which also features original music by Cliff Martinez. Not only is Father John Misty’s music featured in the film, but he himself also materializes in the role of a bank robber, close to the beginning of the film. Below, you can ever-so-briefly glimpse Tillman at around the 0:20 timestamp of the Hotel Artemis trailer, which also features stars Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown, Jeff Goldblum, Jenny Slate and others.

Tillman also appeared in a costumed photo alongside cast members, as EW points out. It’s surprising to see the musician hopping in front of a movie camera, especially after he once turned down a chance to audition for Netflix’s Stranger Things. But his Hotel Artemis cameo isn’t totally out of nowhere: Director Drew Pearce helmed Tillman’s video for I Love You, Honeybear’s “The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apartment.”

Stream the new Father John Misty album, God’s Favorite Customer here, and read the Paste review right here. You can revisit the artist’s 2012 Daytrotter Session down below, as well.