Feist Announces Storytelling Podcast Series Based on Her Latest Album

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Feist Announces Storytelling Podcast Series Based on Her Latest Album

Canadian singer-songwriter Feist has announced a storytelling podcast series focused on exploring self-reinvention and creativity, set to launch on July 9.

Each episode of Pleasure Studies will feature extraordinary people—some of whom include a time travel researcher, a transgender triathlete and an FBI undercover operative—telling stories as they connect to themes on her latest album, 2017’s Pleasure.

In a video announcement, the musician revealed she underwent “something really tough” during the making of the album and decided to make a questionnaire to see if anyone else similarly experienced their “disorienting, difficult interior scaffoldings crumbling.” The questionnaire received an overwhelming number of responses from 63 countries—and thus the podcast and Feist’s storytelling endeavor was born.

“I started to see we’re are all nose to the grindstone in our subjective experiences,” the musician said in a statement. “I wondered what might be found if we excavate down into the themes underneath the details of our lives … the much deeper drivers that we’re all being carried along by.”

The podcast’s description reads: “We hear the stories of people who have followed their dreams, lived long lives, endured devastation, and come out the other side with a greater understanding of what it means to be alive.”

The podcast will live nicely alongside the musician’s cookbook companion to Pleasures.

Presented by Talkhouse and Earios, Pleasure Studies will be available to stream on July 9, and its first episode will center around the album’s “Lost Dreams” cut and the underlying fortitude that can be discovered in loss.

You can listen to a trailer here and check out the musician’s video announcement below. While you’re at it, revisit our review of Pleasure here.