Watch Fiona Apple Perform Fetch The Bolt Cutters Songs for the First Time

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Watch Fiona Apple Perform <i>Fetch The Bolt Cutters</i> Songs for the First Time

Fiona Apple played three songs from her latest album Fetch The Bolt Cutters live for the first time over the weekend.

Apple appeared at the virtual New Yorker festival from a studio in Alabama, where she delivered stunning performances of “Fetch The Bolt Cutters,” “Shameika” and “I Want You To Love Me.”

Alongside her set, she also joined writer Emily Nussbaum in a conversation about the current state of politics.

Apple said during the talk:

I threw my hands up here right now because I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. I think that something good that’s happened this year, I mean, through all the bad stuff that has been happening, I think that, one big thing is happening is that I think that a lot of us have been looking at – or a bigger portion of white people had been examining themselves for the kind of racist tendencies they may have without thinking of themselves as being racist.

Watch Fiona Apple perform a Fetch The Bolt Cutters set for the first time below. Read Paste’s review of the album here.