Five Albums on the Floor in Front of Eddy Current Suppression Ring's Record Player

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When we offered a List of the Day spot to Melbourne rockers Eddy Current Suppression Ring, we weren’t sure exactly what we were going to get in return, but we did have high hopes. After all, these Aussies released one of our five criminally slept on albums from 2008 as well as one of our 10 March albums worth checking out. Guitarist/keyboardist Mikey Young (AKA: Eddy Current) responded, giving us a peak into his listening preferences at the moment. We had to cut down his title in the headline of this post, but it lives in all its glory below, along with five albums he’s been listening to lately:

The 5 Records That are Presently at the Front of the Pile on the Floor in Front of My Record Player

Nothing People – Late Night
Pretty much been in this pile for a good year. My fave record of 2009. New one is awesome too, but this one is pretty much perfect.

The Cure – Pornography
While feeling weirdly drunk on a bottle of port that has been sitting on our family’s shelf for 30 years the other night, I was hit by a desire to feel like an awkward, mildy-depressed teenager and shuffle around my lounge room to Cure records and New Order and the like. Was quite cathartic. This record is great. I feel Robert Smith and the other chaps deserve more serious credit for writing a handful of the greatest songs ever. Sure, there’s been some petty crimes, but the balance is in there favour, I reckon.

Francoise Hardy – Francoise Hardy in English
A real nice 2LP of hers, admittedly the only one I own, so if someone wants to push me in the direction of her essential LPs, go for it. But she seems to me like the kind of artist I just need one good record of to slip on when I’m in the mood for some nice French comfort music. Production is great, she is ridiculously beautiful. it feels like it’s winter and I’ve turned on the heater and chucked on my dressing gown when I play this.

Millie Jackson – E.S.P.
Usually out mainly to get a kick out of the record cover: Millie looking into a crystal ball only to find that the future is her boobs enlarged. She seems elated. The back is just weird. Couple of good jams to play out on this. Some super great song titles like “Too Easy being Easy” and “Slow Tongue.” Yeah!

Pannalal Ghosh – Raag Yaman/Raag Shri
This is my most-played record of the last six months. From 1960, I think, two beautiful 20-minute ragas with some lovely baritone flute dancing all over the top of it. Put me into a coma on hot summer days. I’d totally lose my mind and get nothing done, which suits me fine. I need more of this kinda stuff.