Five Must-See Acts at Fun Fun Fun Fest

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Halloween may be over, but the fun fun fun of fall is only beginning. This weekend Fun Fun Fun fest will take over the cultural mecca of Austin, Texas, for three days of music and comedy, and the lineup features dazzling artists of several genres. There are the obvious choices, with Run DMC, Santigold, and Explosions in the Sky taking some of the top spots. There are so many Paste favorites gracing the stage in Austin that it was hard to narrow down a schedule, let alone a top list, but here are five non-headlining artists on the lineup that are definitely worth a top slot in your weekend plans.

5. Dum Dum Girls
Like many artists in this age, Dum Dum Girls began with songwriter Dee Dee (Kristin Gundred) putting her music on the web and garnering attention via social media. With this year’s End Of Daze, the band has shown that it won’t be limited by genre, looks, or expectations. It’s worth it to check out these folks on stage just to see what they’re going to do next. They’re sure to win new fans this weekend with the hazy, pop-infused tracks that spread their name over the Internet in the first place.

4. Yellow Ostrich
This Brooklyn band has come a long way since vocalist and guitarist Alex Schaaf started recording songs in his bedroom. The trio just released the five-song auditory treat Ghost on Oct. 23, so the band will surely be playing some fresh material this weekend. Between the various indie pedigrees of Schaaf’s band members (drummer Michael Tapper is a former member of Bishop Allen, and multi-instrumentalist Jon Natchez has worked with Beirut as well as The Antlers), a buoyant and energetic performance is albeit a guarantee. Still unconvinced? Check out their performance at CMJ last year and see for yourself.

3. Diamond Rugs
Another band with members who earned their know-how with other great groups, Diamond Rugs is guitarist and lyricist John McCauley’s third project. He may have begun his career with Deer Tick, but throw in former members of The Black Lips, Dead Confederate and Los Lobos, and you’ve got a group that combines strengths from several of the South’s finest live acts.

2. Paul Banks (of Interpol)
It’s always interesting to see an artist break out on his or her own after a highly successful career as a part of a band. Paul Banks, known for his work with Interpol, is a unique example because his solo work actually predates his fame with Interpol. He has written for for years under the alter-ego Julian Plenti, but now that he’s finally released an album under his own name it seems like he’s more comfortable in his own skin. This performance is a must-see, if for no other reason than to witness how Banks has evolved into his latest musical role: himself.

1. Titus Andronicus
Titus Andronicus has made a name for its particular brand of punk-influenced indie rock by ceaselessly touring, and like with most things, the performance practice has paid off. “For the last couple of years, our bread and butter has been the live concert,” lead singer Patrick Stickles said in a recent Paste mPlayer article. Although their most recent album Local Business is a standout on its own, the opportunity to see this band do what they self-admittedly do best, and in a festival atmosphere, shouldn’t be passed up.