Watch Frank Ocean Give His First Interview in Three Years and Reference Clinton 2020

Music Video Frank Ocean
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The reclusive Frank Ocean just gave his first interview in almost three years: reporters managed to snag the singer for a brief minute and a half as he entered the White House state dinner on Wednesday night.

Ocean looked less than thrilled to be chatting with the media. In response to a snub (seemingly well-meant) about his choice of casual Vans footwear, he said, “It’s my first time here. You can’t think, you just have to do things.”

When asked whether he’d join the number of music artists who’ve been performing in support of HIllary Clinton’s campaign, Ocean indicated that there wasn’t enough time left. “Might have to catch her in four years,” he said. Sounds like Ocean’s among the many who believe that Clinton is a shoo-in for our next president at this point.

Envisioning a big Frank Ocean concert is possibly the only thing that could take the edge off of imagining the next election cycle. Please, just let us make it through this one …