girlpuppy Announces Debut Album, Shares New Single "Wish"

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girlpuppy Announces Debut Album, Shares New Single "Wish"

On her new single, girlpuppy (Becca Harvey) addresses the most excruciating breakups out there: those that occur between friends. The Atlanta-based singer/songwriter channels the pain of going from inseparable best friends to total strangers on “Wish.” The song is the first release from her forthcoming debut album, When I’m Alone, out via Royal Mountain on Oct. 28.

Her first venture into shoegaze, girlpuppy swaths her floaty vocals in gauze-like layers of fuzzy guitars and tinkering bells. “Wish” embodies the blur of love, anger, hurt and confusion that comes with someone leaving your life and never giving you a reason why. Still holding out hope for reconciliation, she promises, “I don’t even need an apology,” and confesses, “If you’d call me back / I’d tell you that I love you / and I’ve missed you all this time.” An emotionally raw introduction to her new era, “Wish” sees Harvey shines in her most vulnerable state.

“On ‘Wish’ I was thinking about when friends leave your life and you’re not entirely sure why,” Harvey explains. “It’s a pretty universal feeling, I think. And, the thing is—even if you managed to live in the walls of that person’s apartment and were able to figure it out, their reasons might not make total sense. This song is me living with that feeling, when loss just doesn’t quite add up. This is the first shoegaze rock song I’ve made and I did that intentionally—the emotions in the song go from anger to sadness to nostalgia and all the other emotions that you feel when you go through a ‘friend breakup.’ I imagined it being really cathartic to play it live.”

Check out the video for “Wish” (dir. Matt Swinsky and Eat Humans) below, along with more information on the album.

When I’m Alone Tracklist:
01. Final Girl
02. Wish
03. Teenage Dream
04. Swallow
05. Somewhere
06. I Want To Be There
07. Denver
08. Revenant
09. Emma Marie
10. Destroyer
11. When I’m Alone
12. Permanent State

When I’m Alone Art: