Photos: Goldfrapp Summons Jodorowsky for Vibrant, Primal Silver Eye Shows

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Photos: Goldfrapp Summons Jodorowsky for Vibrant, Primal <i>Silver Eye</i> Shows

Last week, Alison Goldfrapp moved from the mic to the camera for her “Systemagic” music video. Producer/keyboardist Will Gregory’s pulsing, binary grooves remain intact, but the visuals are far more primal, witnessing a troupe of scantily clad dancers writhe to chugging rhythms. A hooded, mirror-faced specter looms in the backdrop. The spooky vibes coalesce overall with the duo’s seventh album, The Silver Eye, a potent reminder of the disco-fueled harmonies and tribal electronica that’s buoyed Goldfrapp for 17 years. Witch House pioneer the Haxan Cloak also served as co-producer, further bridging digital tools to the more guttural sonic undercurrents. Onstage, the group channels that mysticism and electro-pop energy with a setup that feels very Alejandro Jodorowsky, an approach shared by designer/ambient maestro Tycho. The lighting goes for solid sheets of blazing magenta, grey and blue, punctuated by a triptych of screens mixing shapes with organic elements like fingers. Alison, who now sports red locks, is the lone free agent in the austere, Swiss aesthetic, sporting a full metallic outfit. Photographer Julia Drummond captured Goldfrapp’s intoxicating show at Brooklyn Steel last week, as seen in the dizzying gallery above. The group will play select festival dates in Europe this summer.