Exclusive: Watch Good Morning Horse Around in Their "Depends on What I Know" Video

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Exclusive: Watch Good Morning Horse Around in Their "Depends on What I Know" Video

Melbourne duo Good Morning are gearing up for the Oct. 22 release of their new album Barnyard, the band’s first on Polyvinyl. Why not thank the people who made it possible? In their new video for “Depends on What I Know,” which is getting the Paste exclusive premiere treatment, Good Morning go horse watching while thanking the folks who matter.

Juxtaposed with the band eyeing some fascinating steeds are crude doodles of the logos for Polyvinyl, Universal Music Group, Our Golden Friend and more. Special thanks are given to French businessman Vincent Bolloré, who owns Universal Music Group Shares. The track itself carries on the confessional nature of the album over warm guitar strums and punchy drums, evoking replaying the key moments in your life over and over again in your head. However, “Depends on What I Know” takes a more mysterious route, leaving the subject matter up to interpretation.

Reflecting on the single, Stefan Blair says:

Like most of my songs on this record, it’s about a very specific moment in my life that I’d rather not dive into publicly. I usually try to bury the words in some level of abstraction so that they can be interpreted in different ways, but I suppose the overarching idea is that you can only do what you do, and make the decisions you make, based on the information you have at your disposal.

Below, watch the video for “Depends on What I Know,” and keep scrolling to revisit the charming videos for “Burning” and “Country.” You can preorder Barnyard here ahead of its Oct. 22 release.