Gorillaz Unveil New Augmented Reality App, Digital Humanz Listening Party

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Gorillaz Unveil New Augmented Reality App, Digital <i>Humanz</i> Listening Party

Damon Albarn’s Gorillaz project has a lot going on right now. Gorillaz’ fifth album, Humanz, drops at the end of the month. Five music videos have already been released. And Albarn’s said he’s got 40-45 tracks in the vault, waiting to see the light of day.

To add to the deluge, the group now has an “augmented reality” app that takes elements from those recent videos and superimposes them over the user’s surroundings through a smartphone camera. It’s appropriately named “Gorillaz,” and is available on both iOS and Android.

For Gorillaz fans on the app, there will be a “Humanz House Party” for the new record that users can access to hear the entire album before it’s officially released on April 28. According to a press release, “The Humanz House Party will be the largest-ever geo-specific listening experience, bringing people together across 500 locations,” so that’s something else Gorillaz have accomplished during this insane album cycle.

If the app isn’t enough to keep you busy, check out the clips for the recent “Let Me Out” ft. Pusha T and Mavis Staples, and “Andromeda” ft. D.R.A.M. below. You can also find the rest of their new singles here. Humanz is out on April 28.