Watch Murdoc and 2D of Gorillaz Discuss Their New Album in First-Ever On-Camera Interview

Music Video Gorillaz
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Today, on a YouTube livestream, Murdoc Niccals and 2D—that is to say, Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn—from the British avatar-fronted hip-hop/electro group Gorillaz sat down with British DJ MistaJam on Radio 1. During their first-ever on-camera interview, conducted in the band’s animated house, Murdoc took credit for the twerking phenomenon and 2D claimed that Simon Cowell gifted him his jeans.

The interview is promo for Gorillaz’s forthcoming album Humanz, which is due out on April 28. If you want to hear it earlier, however, check out the Humanz House Party, happening tomorrow, which will be an opportunity to hear the new album in full. The party will hit 500 undisclosed locations, to be revealed on the Gorillaz website and on a Facebook event page.

To further whet your appetite for Gorillaz, check out four singles from Humanz here and find out about their first North American tour since 2007 here.