Grapetooth Release Third Single, “Red Wine”

The track is off their forthcoming self-titled debut

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Grapetooth Release Third Single, “Red Wine”

Grapetooth, the Chicago-based synth project of Clay Frankel (Twin Peaks) and Chris Bailoni (aka Home-Sick), have released “Red Wine,” the third single from their forthcoming self-titled debut album, out Nov. 9 on Polyvinyl Records.

The track is named after that most essential ingredient in the genesis of the band: wine. The duo initially bonded over their shared love of the stuff, and the name Grapetooth is an affectionate term for someone who drinks a lot of it. Wine is also pretty essential to the feel of their music—their new-wave-ish tendencies are cut with a fuzzy romanticism that says, “I’ve just downed a jug of Sutter Home.” Their first two singles, “Trouble” and “Violent; were flush-faced party tunes that made you want to both dance and break bottles in the streets.

But “Red Wine,” ironically, is a bit more love-drunk than wine-drunk, a bit more heartsick than homesick. It’s the band’s most wistful tune yet, and a welcome change of pace from the doomed disco of their previous releases. “Who’s she calling instead?” Frankel croons, sounding a lot like the inner monologue accompanying a long, lonely stumble home.

The music video, on the other hand, is something else. Equal parts Max Headroom and Prestige Worldwide, the scuzzed-out video features Frankel and Bailoni on a nighttime cruise around Chicago with the top down. They bring along only the essentials: strobe lights, samurai swords and their absolutely sick dance moves. And, we imagine, some Sutter Home, too.

Listen to “Red Wine” and Twin Peaks’ 2014 Daytrotter Session below, and find Grapetooth’s tracklist and album art further down.

Grapetooth Tracklist:
01. Violent
02. Red Wine
03. Trouble
04. Mile After Mile
05. Death
06. Imagine On
07. Hangover Sq.
08. Hallejuah
09. Blood
10. Together

Grapetooth Album Art: